1. Christmas Party Invitation

At Shootsta, we turned our Christmas Party Invitation into a video. We kept it short and sweet with a piece-to-camera from our General Manager on the what, when and where’s, with cutaway footage of the venue as a sneak peek of what people can expect. 

All you need to replicate this video is:

Don’t be afraid to add some humour to it either. Australian insurance company TAL made a quick, tongue-in-cheek video #ShotWithShootsta, reminding their staff to drink and behave responsibly during their end of year party.

To replicate this video you’ll need:

2. Holiday Wishes

Why not send a personalised video instead of a Christmas card?

The good news is, these videos are easy to scale because you can bulk produce them. Here at Shootsta, we shot around 40 of these personalised videos in under an hour! The secret? Personalised intros:

“Hi ______, it’s Olivia here from Shootsta. And from all of the team, Merry Christmas”!

Keep the rest of the video generic so you only have to shoot the beginning once.

“Instead of sending you a cute card with some nice words on it, we wanted to put together a short video for you, to say Merry Christmas! We have loved working together with you this year and seeing all the amazing stories you’ve created through Shootsta. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. And don’t forget pick up your camera to capture all the holiday cheer!”

What you’ll need: 

Alternatively, you could just film one video that you send out to everyone. Richard Crookes Constructions shot a simple but fun video message from staff, for clients and subcontractors.

What you’ll need: 

Strapped for time? Why not just get a simple, one-shot video of your product or team?

What you’ll need: 

3. Year in Reflection

Instead of sending a long overview email of what happened in the past year, create a wrap-up video that really grabs and keeps attention. Here’s our spin on a ‘Year in Reflection’ video, because video should be fun!

What you’ll need: 

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