What is Shootsta?

Shootsta is not your traditional video agency. We're here to empower you to create your own videos ... with a little help from us.

We're a subscription based video solutions company to compliment your video production flow. At Shootsta, we're all about high-quality, scalable cost-effective video content – ready in 24 or 48 hours. 

What comes with a Shootsta Subscription?

Editing & Post-Production

Shootsta's core offering is our editing service, allowing you to create short videos within 24 or 48-hours, based on your package. Our Editing Team pride themselves on high-quality fast editing, and friendly service!

The Shootsta HUB Platform

Shootsta makes it easy to manage your video content via our cloud-based platform, the Shootsta HUB. On the HUB, you can upload, brief and submit your videos for editing, along with a library to organise and tag your content.

The Shootsta Kits - Big Kit & Mini Kit

The Shootsta Big Kit comes with every subscription, here's a peek at what is included! Additional Kits are available to add on to your subscription, which we'd recommend for multi-state subscribers. 

The Shootsta Mini Kit is perfect for agile smooth shooting on the go - great for shooting your events, cutaway footage and easy to travel with.

Technical Training

Shootsta provides in-depth training on how to shoot great quality footage using the Kit. All subscriptions include a hands-on training as part of your onboarding. Missed it? Join our Kits & Pieces workshops or request a bespoke personalised training session in your office for an added cost. To find out what training type will suit you and the team, get in touch to book in a session.

Creative Support

Not sure how to actually produce a video? We've got you covered! Creative Support is a professional consultation service included in your Shootsta subscription and covers Video Best Practices & Templates.

What else does Shootsta offer?

Camera Operator Hire

Don't have time or a Kit available to shoot? Shootsta has a global network of videographers to help you capture content on the fly. You can find out about pricing and booking through our network here.

Captions, subtitles, translation & SRT Files

Need transcribed captions, SRT Files or translations? No problem! Shootsta can do captions/subtitles & SRT files. Translations are subject to a quote and available languages. Just let your Shootsta Editor know when you submit your project, and we'll provide these within 24-hours of your confirmation the video doesn't require any more changes. You can read more about the difference between Subtitles & SRT Files here.

Logos & Animations

All subscriptions packages come with a personally created logo animation for your brand, however, if you would like to create more than one we can at an additional price. We also work with the amazing Trapdoor Productions Team on anything outside of the Shootsta realm. Ask us for a referral and we'll put you in touch!

Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!

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