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Want to use your phone📱 instead of a desktop? 👉 How to upload footage using a smartphone.

How to create a new Video Project

Login to the Shootsta HUB at hub.shootsta.com and click 'New Project' at the top of the page. 

Give your video project a name. If it is part of a video series, decide on a naming convention that’s nice and clear.

Any video project you create in the Shootsta Hub is visible to your company by default. If you select 'Make this video private', only you and Shootsta staff will see this video, no one else and you can change it at any time. Tick the box if you want to make the video private and then click start video.

Step 1. Upload clips

To upload just browse or drag & drop your video footage, along with any documents (like for example your video plan), audio recordings or still images we’ll need to create your video. 

Want to use your phone📱 instead of a desktop? 👉 How to upload footage using a smartphone.

To ensure your video turnaround time, you can submit up to 25 minutes of footage and 50 files in total. For more details check out our What is a Shootsta Video? article. Need more? No problem! Check out our Video Add-ons offering.

⚠️ Make sure you don’t navigate away from this page or let your device go to sleep during upload, as it will interrupt the upload process and you will have to re-upload the files. It is totally fine to go to Step 2 while files are still uploading. Once an upload is completed, a thumbnail will appear.

Step 2. Add elements or stock footage

Here you can add video footage to your project from our free stock library and from your company’s own library called ‘My Elements’. It is a great place to store footage you want to use again across different projects or share with colleagues. Here is a guide on How to add footage to 'My Elements'.

To preview a clip, just click on it. To select a clip, click on the check mark to add it to your video project. You can add edit instructions in 'Step 3. Brief your editor.'

Step 3. Brief your editor

Here’s where you brief your editor. At the top of this section, you can see an overview of your project’s details such as the project name, total size and the duration of all the files you’ve uploaded. 

You can also give your 'Project Tags' to help with searching for your video project later. Under 'Privacy', is another chance to make your video private.

Then let us know how closely you would like your editor to follow your brief.

And let us know if we need add any lower thirds to your video. Just type in the names and titles of your presenters or talent.

Then you have the option to add any 'Video Add-ons'. They are additional services you can ‘add on’ to your Shootsta Video

The ‘Brief Notes’ box is where you provide your editor with essential information about your project such as the purpose of your video, video type, ideal length, the platform you’ll be sharing it on and any style or music references you have. 

The more information we have then the easier it is for us to complete your project! For more tips check out the How to brief a video project for editing article.

Next, tell us how you want us to use your footage. You can order your clips by dragging and dropping with the hand icon or by selecting the file position number from the dropdown.

You can change the filenames of your clips so they are easier to reference when instructing your editor. You can also add comments and timecodes for each clip. For more details check out the How to add and trim timecodes in video clips article.

Need to do some culling? Here is how to delete files from your video project.

Step 4. Submit or Save Draft
Now your clips have loaded, and you have briefed your project you can submit your project for editing, or save it for later and come back to it, if it's not totally finished.

If you click 'Submit', you will receive an email confirming your submission. If you click 'Save Draft', it will sit under the 'Still Building' section under the 'Video' tab until you're ready to add it to the editing queue. 

Step 5. Check your Email!
You should have received an email notification if your video has been successfully submitted and added to the queue. If you haven't received an email, check your spam filter or reach out to the team to ensure we've received it. 

Step 6. Track your video project

You will receive another email once your video has been completed. In the meantime, here's how to track your video project.

Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!

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