Need a few videos from the same project?

So you've uploaded all of your footage into a project, and now it looks like this might actually be split up into more than one video... Here's how you can get multiple videos from the same batch without having to re-upload, or submit one project for a number of videos.

So that we can keep track of how many projects you've submitted and ensure we can track any feedback/amendments, each video needs to have its own project within the Hub.

Do I need to re-upload the footage again for each project?

Nope! You won't need to re-upload the files, but you will need to let us know in the Details section of your brief with information on which project they have been uploaded to. Create a new project, and add the notes: 'these files were uploaded to project: #123456 (or include a link to the project in the Hub.)

Quick Tip: Create a naming convention for your video series, and once they start coming through the Hub, we can group them together.

For example, if you want to create a series of tutorial videos, you can name the project 'Tutorial Series: Video 1', and then name the rest of your projects in subsequent order.

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