You'll need to share with them the Wipster review link for them to add in comments. Here's how:

Once your video has been edited it will be available in the 'Completed Videos' section. 

Click on your video, and find the 'REVIEW' button underneath the player, to take you to the Wipster platform.

Share the URL from the Wipster page with your colleagues for them to add in their notes.

They won't need to create an account, but they will be prompted for their first & last name, so you can keep track on who is leaving comments on your video.

Shootsta will assume that the Project Owner is responsible for consolidating the feedback from your team members, so please let us know if there is conflicting feedback what you'd like us to change before clicking 'Finish Review'. 

For more information on the reviewing process, check out our step-by-step guide on how to submit a video for review

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