In 'Step 3. Brief your editor' of creating a video project in the HUB you can view and add or trim timecodes in each of your video clips. 'Timecodes' are specific points in a video clip.

At Shootsta you can use timecodes in your video clips to let our Editing Team know which sections should be in- or excluded in your video project.

e.g. "Use 00:04 - 00:13 of clip MAH001 "

How to add timecodes

Once you've uploaded your clip into your video project, go down to the 'Brief your editor' tab to find it again for playback and briefing. Drag the 'play' icon along the timeline to where you want it, and click 'Add Current Timecode'. This timecode will then appear in the comments section, ready for you to add extra notes if desired.

How to add trim timecodes

Drag the scissor icons along the timeline to select the beginning and end moments you want to include. Click 'Add Trim Timecodes' to add these times to the comments section on the right.

Looking for help with any other part of the uploading process? Check out our guide on How to create & submit a Video Project to the Hub.

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