Manual Focus

Press the small AF/MF button on the back of the camera (make sure toggle lever is positioned up on AF/MF). You will see on the left, mid-way up your screen, the icon change to MF (you are now in Manual Focus).

Turn the Focus Ring on the lens to adjust focus

Anti-clockwise = background, focusing further away

Clockwise = foreground, focusing closer to you

Focus Magnifier

The focus magnifier function will digitally enhance your screen so you can see close-up to check if your subject is in focus.

Press the C3 button twice. Press the directional pad (scroll wheel) edges to navigate around the digitally enhanced screen. If you are using the peaking function (aka the gold sparkles) to help indicate the sharpest areas of focus, you'll see them more easily in this view. You want them to be most prevalent on your talent's eyes and mouth.

Turn the Focus Ring on the lens to adjust focus. When you're happy with it, use the Centre Button return to normal view. Ensure your camera and your talent doesn't move from this spot once you've focussed. If you change the distance between camera and your subject even slightly, you'll change what's in sharp focus.

If you've done all your other final checks, you're now ready to record!

Here is a handy little guide on the 7 steps to set up the Kit.

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