Where To Begin - Before You Start Recording

Once your talent has been mic'd up and the receiver is plugged into the camera's mic input, switch on both the transmitter and receiver. You can read more about the setup in this article.

To open the levels menu on the camera, press the centre button of the scroll wheel; this will bring up two green bars (channels) representing the amount of sound being picked up by the microphone.
By scrolling left and right on the wheel, you can lower and raise your level, adjusting the amount of sound that will be let in from the mic.

To set the right level, your presenter will need to talk into the mic, using the same volume and tone as they plan to once you press record.

My favourite trick is to ask my presenter, 'what they had for breakfast'. An unexpected question is great for breaking through any nerves and bring out your presenter's natural volume.

Once you have them talking, use the scroll wheel to adjust your levels until the green bars are hitting the 75% mark a majority of the time.

Look out for any time the bars hit 100% and turn red. This is a warning to lower your levels, as it means too much sound is being picked up and audio distortion may occur in your recording.

Once you've found your sweet spot, you're good to go!

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