If you would like more information about how to set up and use the Shootsta kit, check out the 7 Steps to Film on the Shootsta Kit.

Slide the Receiver (RX) onto the top of the Camera

Plug the Receiver (RX) cord into the Red input

Turn on the Receiver (RX)

Plug the lapel microphone in Transmitter (TX) & Hold down the power button

OPTION: Want to record two people? check out Using the Audio Splitter

Check RX & TX have Paired

Out of battery? Not Pairing? If you are having any Audio issues check out our Audio Testing Article

Plug your headphones into the green input

Mic up your Presenter

Clip the Lapel mic on the presenter's shirt or dress around the collar. Get them to hide the transmitter behind them or in a pocket. To hide the cord, ask the presenter to run the cord underneath their clothing where it can re-emerge out of sight. Make sure everything is sitting fairly flat and no hair or jewellery is rubbing against the microphone foam. If it does, this will cause a scratching sound; listen out for this during setup and again while recording.

If your presenter's movements are causing noise to be picked up on the mic, advise them and request to do another take.

Keep your headphones in the whole time you are recording important audio - there may be room or outdoor noises you don't notice at the time that you will pick up on while listening through the headphones. If so, it never hurts to do one more take!

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