The Shootsta Cue app is what you use to operate the autocue / teleprompter in the Shootsta Kit. It comes preinstalled on every Shootsta iPad. 

There are 5 steps to setting up the Shootsta Cue App:

1. Unlock iPad

Turn on your Shootsta iPad and unlock it. The passcode can be found on the back of your iPad, or by contacting your account manager.

2. Open Autocue App

Open the Shootsta Autocue App and log in with your hub login.

3. Select or create a new script

Click New Script and Press Edit to start typing. You can copy and paste from an email or any other text source by simply pressing where the cursor is. Give the script a title straight away so you can recognise it from the others on the home screen.

4. Set the read settings

Font Size
You can adjust the font size in the bottom right corner to suit your vision.

Scroll Speed
The default script speed sits at 4.5, you can adjust this in increments of 0.25. Have a test read, and adjust from there.

Before you place the iPad in the teleprompter, you will need to turn on 'Mirror'. The Mirror button is in the top right-hand corner. This will invert the text to appear the correct way up when it reflects on the mirror

5. Start & Stop & Scroll

You can Start & Stop the script from scrolling using bottom centre button. You can not scroll while the script is playing, you must stop the script first.

iPad in Teleprompter - Orientation Screen Lock
Lay the iPad landscape at the base of the teleprompter. Make sure have turned on 'Mirror'. If your screen is being fussy and switching between vertical and horizontal you can lock the orientation to landscape.

Turn your iPad horizontal or in "landscape mode". Swipe up from Bottom of Screen to open control panel, press the lock icon. 

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