The Shootsta Kit LED Light is a handy tool to fill in any shadows and even out your lighting.

Rechargeable Light Battery

Insert your lithium light battery in the back of the LED light. You will have to push down and then slide just before the connector bars.

On / Off & Brightness Dial

The bottom dial labelled min/max turns the light on and controls brightness.

Colour Temperature Dial: Cool > Warm

The top dial labelled 3200K (tungsten light = orange sunset colour) to 5500K (halogen light = white, daylight colour) controls the colour of the light. It's best to work with cooler light unless there is also other warm light colours in your shot.

Mount Light onto Gorilla Tripod

For stability, slide the base of your LED light onto the Gorilla Pod. Press the release on the pod head to remove the LED when you are done.

Charge Battery or Use AA's on the Go

Charge your lithium battery using the light charging cradle in your kit. Or if you are afraid you will run out on set, take 6 x AA batteries with you. The Aputure light will take both.

Now you know how to set up the Shootsta Kit LED, now check out our guide on
How to light your talent (using natural light or the Shootsta Kit LED light).

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