Your Shootsta Mini Kit is well protected in its flight case, but here are some tips for making sure it makes it to the other side safely.

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Your Shootsta Mini Kit is Carry-on Luggage

The Mini Kit weighs 2.4 kilograms when full and is suitable as carry-on/cabin luggage. 

Turn Everything Off

  • Power off the iPhone by holding down the lock button until the "Slide to Power Off" message comes up and sliding it left to right to shut down the iPhone. Alternatively, set it to Aeroplane mode if you need to use it during the flight, and follow instructions from cabin crew. 
  • Switch the gimbal off by holding the power lever down for a couple of seconds, until all lights go off. 

Check equipment is Safely Packed

  • Check that the iPhone, gimbal and other accessories are firmly secured in their foam slots.
  • Check that no cables or power plugs are sticking out of the Mini Kit when you close the lid.

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