To add a new user you must have 'Client Admin' privileges in the HUB. You can check your status by going to your name menu > My Profile > look under 'Privileges'.
If you are not an Admin and would like to be able to add other users, please contact

Add a New User
Go to your name menu > 'Users' > 'New User' button

A dialogue box will pop up, requesting the new user's company email address. Paste or type it into the box and click OK.

Please check for any unnecessary spaces inside the email address, as this could cause a sending error.

If the new user you are setting up is from a third party or has a domain in their email address that is not recognised by Shootsta, this could prevent you from adding them.
In this case, please contact your Account Manager for help. 

The new user will now receive an email from the Shootsta Hub inviting them to set up their profile and password. Please advise them to set this up as soon as possible, as the link expires within 48 hours.

Expired Invitations and Password Reset

If the link has expired, you can resend the invitation by clicking 'Invite' on their user profile. Go to your name menu > 'Users' to see all the Shootsta users in your company. Find their profile tile and click the 'Invite' button.

This method is also used when one of your users needs to reset their password.

You can't amend the email address of a Hub user. If you need to do this, a new invite to the new email address will need to be sent. The old login should then be deleted, however all video projects currently owned by that account will get automatically reassigned to the Primary Contact for your account. 

Please contact or get in touch with your Account Manager for additional help!

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