Want to make loading scripts on to the autocue easy?
Here is a step by step guide on how to use the Hub’s script writing tool, to automatically sync your written scripts, to your autocue.

STEP 1 - Create a new script

  •  Log in to the Shootsta Hub and select the hamburger menu button in the top right to open the controls tab.
  •  To continue, select the scripts tab. You'll find this underneath ‘My Profile'.
  • Here you can view your account’s previously created scripts and add new ones. Create your new script by clicking “+ NEW SCRIPT” 
  • Type up your script in the text box and give it a name that you can easily find later. Don’t forget to save!
  • You can now find your script in the script template overview.
  • Quick tip: for a preview of your script, hover the pointer over the thumbnail.

STEP 2 - Syncing scripts to the Shootsta cue app

  • Any scripts written in your Hub account will automatically sync with the Shootsta Autocue iPad app. Simply log in to the iPad app and your script will be waiting for you in order of date added.
  • Select a script and you’re ready to roll, happy filming! 
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