Echo Mode - To toggle between modes, press the icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select the mode you want to use. In this tutorial we will be using Echo Mode. 

Step 1 - Set point A. Set your gimbal down in your desired position or attach it to your tripod. Turn your phone to set the starting position of your shot. When you’re happy, press the trigger on the Movi’s handle to set that as your A point. 

Step 2 - Set point B. Once again move your phone to until you find a finishing position you are happy with. Then press the trigger on your Movi’s handle once again to set point B. 

Step 3 - Set the duration. Tap the duration icon at the top of your screen and set the desired length of time that you want you phone to travel from point A to point B. Remember to set your duration for 5 seconds or longer and leave your phone filming for a few seconds before and after you finish your movement. This is important to ensure you capture the entire movement and will make it easier when your video is being edited. 

Step 4 - Record. Tap the record button on your Movi’s handle to begin filming. Then press the trigger after a few seconds to begin your phones movement from point A to point B. 

If something went wrong, or if you want another of the same shot, you can press the replay button to repeat the shot. You can also press reset if you want to change the positions of point A and point B. 

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