A Movi-lapse is better known as a hyper-lapse. The difference between a hyper-lapse and a time-lapse is that in a hyper-lapse the gimbal is moving. This kind of video combines movement and a time-lapse together to create a short video showing the passing of time whilst the camera moves. 

To select Movi-lapse mode, press the icon at the bottom left hand corner and select Movi-lapse. 

Step 1 - Set response to slow. You can toggle this to different speeds depending on how quick you want to move your gimbal whilst filming. 

The rest of the steps in this article are some best practice tips when it comes to filming a hyper-lapse.

Step 2 - Framing a subject. hyper-lapses can be very interesting if you add a subject to follow. Place your subject approximately 3 meters or 10 feet in front the camera and, once recording, start to follow them.

Step 3 - Keep the subject in frame. Make sure you keep your subject in the same part of frame that they were in when you began the video. Concentrate on moving at the same pace they move, to ensure you are not gradually getting closer or further away during the hyper-lapse. 

Step 4 - Adjust the position of your gimbal to keep the frame. Remember your Movi will not respond to your movements quickly. So if you need to make a quick turn, hold down the trigger on the handle and perform the turn. Once you’ve made the turn and your subject is back in the desired position, release the trigger. 

It is important to keep your Movi as still as possible when creating this video and walk very smoothly to achieve the best effects. The Movi will respond very slowly to any of your movements so you must plan ahead and start your turns much earlier than you would usually.

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