Orbit is a filming mode that allows you to shoot a perfect revolving shot by combining your movement and the camera’s movement. You can select it by pressing the icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and select Orbit Mode.

Step 1 - Set your orbit direction. Select left or right under the direction icon at the top of the screen. This will be the direction in which your phone orbits. 

Step 2 - Set your speed. This will determine the speed at which your phone will turn. You can increase or decrease the speed with the left and right buttons on the D-pad. You can select the speed by pressing the Speed icon and scrolling up or down. The smaller the number, the more slowly your phone will rotate.

Step 3 - Record and circle. Press the record button on the handle to start filming. Then press the trigger to begin the orbit. Once it has begun, circle around your subject. Press the trigger once again to stop the orbit and then press the record button again when you’re finished.

To get creative with your shots, try moving closer or farther away from your subject as you circle around them.

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