Rush Edits are videos edits done in a shorter timeframe than usual, to get them to you quicker. E.g. When your video needs to be ready by a certain deadline. 

Rush Edits are Video Add-ons or additional services you can ‘add on’ to your Shootsta Video

There are two types of Rush Edits:

  • Rush Edit - Super Fast (1/4): your video edited in a quarter of your subscription turnaround time.
  • Rush Edit - Fast (1/2): your video edited in half of your subscription turnaround time.

Rush Edits CAN NOT be requested in combination with these other Video Add-ons:

Terms and conditions

Note that all Rush Edits are subject to approval, depending on the capacity of our Editing Team and how much work is involved in editing your video. The Shootsta Team will be in touch if we can't fulfil your request.

Check out our other Help Center article for more information on How to request, pay for and cancel Video Add-ons.

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