Green screen is when you replace the real background of a video (mostly a blue or 'green screen' ) with a digital background (e.g. a city skyline or mountains).

The editor would then use the 'chroma key' technique to impose the digital background on top of the real background. 

Green Screen / Chroma Key are Video Add-ons or additional services you can ‘add on’ to your Shootsta Video

Note that all Green Screen / Chroma Key edits

  • are subject to approval, depending on availability, the quality of the raw video footage. The Shootsta team will be in touch if that is the case.
  • can take up to 72 hours to be returned.
  • and can not be requested in combination with a Rush Edit.

Check out our other Help Center article for more information on How to request, pay for and cancel Video Add-ons.

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