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Here are our top three tips (and a sneaky bonus tip) for short, easy videos you can customise and create in the lead-up to Mother’s Day, to connect with your audience – be it customers, team members or both. We can’t wait to see the results!

1.  Recommendation Videos 🗣

If, like most of us, you’ve ever struggled to pick Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll certainly appreciate this video (which will help raise the bar from a hastily scavenged card, flowers or box of chocolates)! A recommendation video is a simple list of curated suggestions that serve as a reminder – and source of inspiration. The key strategy here is reaching out and offering select connections the chance to promote their products or services for Mother’s Day in advance. You may be surprised how many will be willing and able to offer special Mother’s Day discounts, deals or packages for your captive audience, preferring to take advantage of the opportunity a trusted recommendation and feature in a high-quality video brings them over traditional advertising. This is a great way to deepen relationships with customers, suppliers and prospects, so it’s a winner for everyone.

Here’s a thoughtful example of a Mother’s Day recommendation video by YouTuber and father DadVerb.

2. Celebrating Mothers 👩‍👧‍👦

This video is great for organisations with customers or employees who are mums, and is also a highly effective, engaging piece of social content to share. There’s a lot of scope, but we recommend keeping it simple with a short, sincere piece to camera; or if you have time, perhaps a few featured mums on camera. You’ll find that most mums are top-tier multitaskers, and alongside the joyous experience of having kids, they juggle a huge amount of responsibility, stress and lack of sleep... And that’s all before they’ve made it into the office! So a heartfelt acknowledgement, and a reminder of your appreciation, support and understanding will go a long way to helping them feel appreciated on Mother’s Day. 

We loved this video celebrating mothers from Kid President. Though we’re sure your reasons for appreciating mums could be quite different, he gets top marks for passion and humour! 

Shootsta client, HarperCollins Australia, have also created some fantastic examples – shot with their Shootsta Kit – showing motion visuals, minus dialogue, can still say so much and convey a truly loving and appreciative sentiment. 

3. Mother’s Day Surprise 🎁

There’s nothing like a surprise on Mother’s Day, and this is a great way to reach out to the widest audience possible – not just targeting mums, but anyone who has one, too! Delight customers, employees or both with videos announcing a small gift from your business on Mother’s Day… Whether flowers, gift vouchers, chocolates for everyone in the office to take home to mum, or even the first 100 customers who visit on Mother’s Day get a free gift.

… Bonus Tip! 💁‍♀️

Once you’ve taken care of Mother’s Day for your brand, don’t forget about your own mum! Making her a video is a memorable and fun way to show her your appreciation; so if you have any unused videos in your Shootsta package, you could perhaps gift a Mother’s Day video to a top-performing employee? If you don’t want to use one of your precious Shootsta subscription videos, don’t worry – almost everyone (and their mums) will likely have access to some fun video production apps right on their smartphones. The iOS and Android app stores are full of cool video apps that can help you create a unique message for Mum. So this Mother’s Day, you can not only tell, but also show your mum just how much you love her with a personalised v-card (that she’ll play back proudly)!

Why not check out these apps to create something fun and special for your mum?

Clips (iOS only): This app has a range of effects and backgrounds that let you shoot and customise a great-looking video on the go, then send straight to Mum. Our favourites are the Disney backgrounds, because who doesn’t love a Disney movie or two? Just select a background, then hold down the record button until you’ve finished shooting your message. You can then add in text overlays with cute stickers, emojis and more.

Adobe Premiere Clip (iOS, Android) & Rush CC (iOS): These apps, from the makers of industry standard editing tool Adobe Premiere (we use Premiere at Shootsta), are powerful and simple to use, and are less about special effects and more about recording a nice, simple video. They give you quick, easy tools to shoot, edit and share your video with your mum – all from within the apps themselves. You start by recording a video straight in-app, then you can add Instagram-style filters, titles and music before sending off to Mum!

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