New features ✨

  • Expanded Client User role permissions (more details below)
  • Bulk delete for uploaded files (more details below)

Expanded Client User role permissions

Client User role permissions have changed to improve collaborationWe have freed up some restrictions on client user role permissions. You can now make these changes on projects that are owned by other user in your company account:

  • Edit or delete project files
  • Make files comments
  • Make brief notes
  • Save as draft

Sounds scary? Learn how to hide your video projects from other team members. 

Client Users still cannot: 

  • Submit a project that is not their own
  • Delete a project that is not their own

Need more permissions? Client Admin roles have more permissions. Learn more about the difference between a Client User and Client Admin.

Bulk delete for uploaded files

Great news! You can now delete more than one clip in one go! 🙌🏼 Check out the How to delete files in your project article on how to do that!

Bug Fixes 🐞🛠

  • Projects saved without a name - fixed!
  • Clip upload count displays 0 until you click submit - fixed!
  • .mts files display as text - fixed!
  • Project submission date changing with every submission click - fixed!
  • When creating new user, a manual refresh was needed to see new user - fixed!
  • Cannot make project private on Internet Explorer 11 - fixed!
  • Cannot enter any number character combination in profile info - fixed!
  • iPhone file naming system duplicates uploads - fixed!
  • When searching for videos, filters not kept on refresh - fixed!
  • Cannot scroll on long file names - fixed!
  • Adding number character to letter/word search query triggers error page - fixed!
  • Project reminder emails not being sent - fixed!

Heads-up ☝️

Incomplete profile push page

With the introduction of the GDPR Shootsta can't enter data on your behalf. So, we need your help! 🙏🏼 Please help us by filling out all your profile details, so we can serve and support you better. Make sure to fill out every field! The Hub will keep reminding you to fill your profile until complete.

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