How many videos are in my subscription?

You can see the package you are subscribed to at the top of the videos page in the Shootsta Hub

How will I know I reached my monthly video allocation?

If you have used all your videos for that month you will notice the monthly quota icon will turn red. 

When you attempt to submit a video for editing and your video quota is maxed, you will receive the following notification. 

What can I do if my quota is maxed?

Option 1: Save your video project and submit it next month.

Save your video project as draft by clicking the save draft button on the pop-up (see image above) or in your project. Submit the project when your video quota reset on the 1st of the following month.

Option 2: Purchase a ad hoc video

You can purchase a single video edit or what we call an 'ad hoc video' in the Shootsta Hub. Check out the How to purchase a ad hoc video article for more information.

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