To track your video projects, log in to the Shootsta Hub and go to the ‘VIDEOS' page. Here you can find and manage all of your and your team's video projects.

Under the ‘Created by Me’ drop down at the top of the ‘VIDEOS' page you can filter for video projects you personally own or for ‘All Projects’ you and your colleagues have created.

Further down you can see video projects that are still being built, currently being edited and those which have a completed cut back.

The ‘Still Building’ section is where all your draft video projects live that haven’t been submitted for editing yet.

Here is how to upload, brief and submit a video project.

The 'Editing in Progress' section shows all video projects that are currently being worked on by our Editing Team. Each video project thumbnail indicates

  • an image
  • the amount of assets in the project (in brackets)
  • the title of your video project
  • your Shootsta editor
  • how many hours to go before we send you back your edited video
  • the status of your video
  • what version is being worked on
  • and your video project ID.

For example;

If you hover over the actual image you will also see

  • the date your video project was submitted
  • the date and time you requested your latest round of amendments

For example;


In the ‘Completed Videos’ section you can see all video projects that have been edited and what version it’s up to:

Here is how you can review your video edit.

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