How to focus the Sony a7ii camera

Find out how to focus in two easy steps using the a7ii camera inside the Legacy Shootsta Kit 2.

Keeping your subject in focus is crucial for your video, so let's show you how it’s done in 2 easy steps.

  1. Set Manual Focus: Have a look on the right hand side of your camera’s display screen. There will be either be the symbol AF-C (Autofocus Continuous) or MF (Manual Focus). press the AF/MF button located above the wheel on the back of your camera to set it to MF. Autofocus is a great feature but it can be a little unreliable. With manual focus, once we set the focus it won’t change throughout the video.

  2. Focus: To make sure your subject is in focus, rotate the focus ring, the small ring at the end of your lens, clockwise or anti clockwise until your subject becomes crystal clear on screen. If you’re struggling to see if your subject is in focus, press the C3 button twice on the back of your camera to zoom in and check. Press this button again to return to your main screen. Remember not to let your subject walk away when you have locked focus or you will have to start the process again. 

Struggling to see if things are in focus? Your camera has a peaking function which places coloured lines on the edges of everything that is in focus. If it's not currently enabled, you can enable it by pressing the Menu button, then navigating to Cog Icon (⚙️), Page 2, Peaking Level, and select either Low, Medium or High. The more colourful part of your frame is, the more in focus it is. Peaking is just displayed on your camera’s screen so don’t worry, it won’t appear in your final video.

To learn more about setting up your Kit to film, make sure you refer to our 7 Steps to film on the Shootsta Kit article.  


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