Our Camera Operators do not possess autocues (a.k.a teleprompters) themselves as it is an uncommon piece of equipment for freelancers to own.

Do I need one?

For interviews, you will find that they are usually not required as there is normally someone to ask questions off-camera, and most people will give a more natural response on camera when talking to another person.

Autocues are mostly used for presentations where the subject is speaking direct to camera down the barrel of the lens.

Help! I don't have access to an Autocue!

If you do have a script you want to use but no autocue, we have a neat trick.

You can download our ShootstaCue App for iPad, which is free on the Apple App Store. This app syncs to your Shootsta Hub account, so you can load scripts onto the iPad that you have saved in the "Scripts" section of the Hub.

If you have someone (other than the camera operator) to hold up the iPad near the interviewee's eyeline (as though they are looking at their interviewer) you can have the script scrolling on the iPad for your subject to refer to.

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