User Management in Shootsta

Add User, Manage Users' Permissions, Resend Invitation, Reset Password, Remove User

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Only users with admin permissions are able to add users into Shootsta. If you are not an admin and would like to be able to add other users, please contact us.

Add a New User
Click Organisation > Invite Users

A dialogue box will pop up requesting the new user's email, role and team (if applicable). You can invite multiple users at once if the role and team information apply to that user group. Click 'Save & Continue' to register the details.

If the new user you are setting up is from a third party or has a domain in their email address that is not recognised by Shootsta, this could prevent you from adding them. In this case, please contact us for help.

The new user will now receive an email from Shootsta inviting them to set up their profile and password. Please advise them to set this up as soon as possible, as the link expires within 48 hours.

Expired Invitations and Password Reset

If the link has expired, or there has been a mistake in the email address, once amended, you can resend the invitation by clicking 'Resend Invitation' from the action dots on their profile tile.

Go to: Organisation  >  Locate the User's Action Dots> 'Resend Invititation'.

This method is also used when one of your users needs to reset their password. Go to: Organisation > Locate User's Action Dots> Reset Password

Remove a User

You can also Remove a User from Shootsta from this same menu. Go to: Organisation > Locate User's Action Dots> Remove User

Need help or have questions? Contact us. We'd love to help!

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