Hi there! 👋 We’re Shootsta, and we’re here to empower you and your team to plan, shoot, edit, and share great video content using our Shootsta Kit and Shootsta Pro.

Shootsta exists for brands like yours. Our mission is to help you create more videos while minimising cost, and without sacrificing quality. To do this, we’ve refined our recipe for success, and it all comes down to our famous Help videos. We call this, the Shootsta Video. Stick with this, and we can edit and return your videos in just 24 or 48 hours (depending on your package) – so you can scale and adjust your always-on videos to meet your business goals.

So, what is a Shootsta Video? We’re glad you asked.

What is a Shootsta Video?

Shootsta Videos are up to 5 minutes long, created from up to 25 minutes of raw video footage and up to 50 assets (videos and images), with 5 rounds of amendments².

What’s included:

  • 1 x Animation Suite during onboarding (more available as an add-on) includes:

  • 1 x Shootsta-designed 2D logo animation for intro / outro

  • 1 x Shootsta-designed lower thirds (Text / graphic overlays such as name, title, static logo)

  • 1 x Bullet-points and static text overlays

  • Basic transitions (e.g. cuts, fades, wipes, dissolves, swipes)

  • Royalty-free Music from Shootsta’s music library (or brand-supplied licensed music, non commercial use)

  • Basic colour-correction (balancing colour levels to appear natural

What really, really isn't a Shootsta Video?

One thing: ‘Hero’ videos (e.g. TVCs). Our sister company, Trapdoor Productions, would love to help with that.

Have questions or need help? Contact us, we'd love to chat! 


² Process for non-Shootsta Videos:Video project put on hold; user notified via email of standard add-on cost; once cost approved by client, project added back into editing queue for production.

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