How to charge the Mini Kit 3

Learn how to charge all the items in the Mini Kit 3.

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Charging the iPhone 11

Step 1 -Take the lightning cable out of your Kit and plug it into the bottom of the iPhone XR.

Step 2 - Plug the other end into either the USB wall charger, or a personal device such as a laptop or USB charging hub.

Charging the Movi Cinema Robot gimbal

Step 1 - Take the USB-C cable from your Kit and plug the cable into the gimbal’s handle.

Step 2 - Plug the other end into the USB wall charger.

It will take approximately 8 hours to charge the Movi gimbal completely. The battery level is shown on the base of the Movi gimbal beside the power button. 5 lights means that your battery is fully charged. One flashing light means that the battery is nearly empty.

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