The most vital part of the Shootsta Kit is the Sony a7ii camera. You need to make sure you understand the settings so that you can have the best video possible.

This camera has excellent dynamic range and image quality alongside internal stabilisation. Attached to the camera is a 28 to 70 millimetre lens which is great for all environments and many different types of shoots.

Camera functions:

Top of the camera:

On and off switch: To turn the camera on simply flick the switch to the right. The on and off switch also hosts the shutter button. You can use this shutter button to focus the camera on your talent. To learn more about focusing the camera check out our article How to focus the camera on your talent.

C2 button: is used to move your auto focus square.

Mode dial: where you can choose between shooting video and taking a picture.

Exposure dial: turning it anti-clockwise into the “plus” region will add more light to your shot and turning it clockwise into the clockwise into the “minus” region will take light out from your shot.

Hot shoe: this is where you slide your audio receiver into.

Camera lens: the large ring at the back of your lens is the zoom control. The small ring in the front controls focus.

Back of the camera:

Menu button: this is where you can change the camera settings

C3 button: which allows you to magnify your shot.

AF/MF button: you can use this to switch between autofocus and manual focus.

Fn: otherwise known as the function button, it is a summary of the most important settings.

Button in the middle of the circle: controls your audio settings.

DISP label at the top of the wheel: used to change the display settings view.

Playback button: used to watch the footage you just filmed and delete any unwanted footage.

Trashcan button: allows you to delete any unwanted footage on the SD card.

Bottom of the camera:

Camera battery opening: stores your battery.

Screw inlet: which is the silver hole in the middle of the base allows you to mount your camera onto the tripod.

Right side of camera:

SD card entry: stores the SD card.

Red circle button: record button, press to record and again to stop recording.

Left side of camera:

Large opening: Red port is for your audio plug in. The green port is the plug in for your headphones, this allows you to hear what is being recorded.

Small opening: hosts the HDMI and charging port.

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