How to set up the Shootsta Kit 2

Learn how to set up all the equipment inside the Shootsta Kit 2.


Step 1. Tripod. Hold the tripod with the legs facing up. Open all the latches and give the tripod a good shake whilst aiming the tripod legs to the floor. Lock the latches. Adjust the height of the legs to your subject or to your subject's eye level. Lock the ball head of the tripod. You can loosen or tighten the head by sliding the wheel on the handle backwards or forwards.

Step 2. Attach Autocue. Open the latch at the back of the tripod head, place the baseplate on the bottom of the autocue inside and close the latch to lock securely. Take your autocue bracket and slide the rails into the bottom of the autocue and tighten each of the wing nuts. Make sure the top of the bracket, with the screw on it, points up towards the sky. You can skip this step if you don’t need an autocue, just unscrew the baseplate on the autocue and attach it to the bottom of the camera, then mount your camera straight onto your tripod.

Step 3. Camera. Line up the screw and the screw thread on the bottom of the camera and gently screw it in until it stops moving. Make sure your camera is facing towards the autocue and take off the lens cap.

Step 4. Audio. Grab the audio receiver (labeled RX), slide it into the hot shoe at the top of your camera and turn the wheel until it locks. Make sure the screen is facing the back of the camera. Take the coiled wire, lift the door on the left side of your camera and slide it into the red jack. Turn on the receiver. Grab the audio transmitter (labeled TX) and plug in the lav mic. If you are mic-ing up two subjects, plug the audio splitter in first, then plug both your mics into the splitter. Hold down the power button to turn it both on. Remember to check your battery levels located on the back screen of your audio receiver.

Step 5. Set up the Autocue. Pull open the front of the autocue. Slide each of the plastic walls open to support the roof and pull the cover over your camera’s lens. Then, slide your iPad into the front unlock it and open the Shootsta Cue app. Once open, you can either type scripts into the autocue app or import scripts from your Shootsta workspace.

To learn how to set up each step in more detail, make sure you refer to our 7 Steps to film on the Shootsta Kit article.  

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