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Choosing a location for your shoot
Choosing a location for your shoot
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As you choose a location for your shoot, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Natural light. Find a naturally well lit environment to film in, like a room with large windows. You ideally want to position your subject facing the windows to ensure their face is well lit. Placing your subject with windows behind their back can result in an underexposed subject and an overexposed background.

  2. Some peace & quiet. Pick a location that is calm and quiet. Avoid spaces with any buzzes or hums (like air conditioners and fridges), as well as busy zones like office kitchens, busy roads and crowds. Use the mic and your headphones to check this; microphones can pick up sounds you don't expect.

  3. Avoid white walls as your background. They’re neither engaging nor flattering. Choose a location with a bit of “depth” (space behind the subject) and context. Think open spaces.

  4. Clean environment: Clutter such as loose cables or untucked chairs in your shot can distract away from your subject. Do your best to tidy up the space in your shot before recording so your viewer can remain focused on what you want them to focus on.

  5. Bookings & permits. Make sure to book the room, block out the space or request a council permit in case of a public place.

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