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Comment on your Assets to add Start and End Timecodes

Commenting on your Assets after Upload ensures your editor knows exactly what treatments you would like on each clip.

In the 'Upload assets' portion of creating a Pro video project in Shootsta, you can add starting and ending timecodes on each of your uploaded video assets. 'Timecodes' are specific points in a video clip.

In Shootsta Pro, you can use time-coded comments on your video assets to let our Editing Team know which sections should be included or excluded in regards to your video project.

Such instructions can also be included in your Project Brief page by writing things such as:

  • "Use 00:04 - 00:13 of clip MAH001 "
  • "Please start at 00:04 of MAH001"
  • "Please end at 00:13 of MAH001"

How to add timecodes

Once you've uploaded your clip into your project, click 'add comment' to each asset for playback and timecoding. Drag the 'play' icon along the timeline to where you want it, and click on the player to add your comment at that specific timecode for the video.

You can leave comments at timecodes such as:

  • "Start using this clip from here."
  • "Cut this clip before here at latest."
  • "Insert lower thirds of present here and fade out at 00:10"

This timecode will then appear in the comments section, ready for you to add extra notes or edit comment if desired. You can also delete a comment if it is not relevant.

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