Can I get you to help with my video? Meet Shootsta's Creative and Professional Services Team!

The Professional Services Team consists of a number of highly-skilled, experienced and passionate Production experts. We are here to bridge any knowledge gap, and to empower you to create your own great content. There are two ways that we go about this: 

TRAINING WORKSHOPS - through training and upskilling you and your team in the areas you may need some extra knowledge and support.

PROJECT BASED SUPPORT - by working with you one on one to help create your video project. This support can be at any or all stages of the Production Process.


Discovery Call (Free)

A complimentary 15 minute call with one of our Creative Producers where we can understand your project, and guide you on how we can help. 

How to Plan a Video  (Virtual or In Person)

Appreciate the importance of planning and learn how to utilise the basics of storytelling to create engaging videos.  We’ll take you step by step through planning and scripting a video.  Planning makes video creation stress-free and is crucial to your video’s success.

1 hour +, 1 Credit

How to Film on your Phone (Virtual or In Person)

In this session we’ll teach you how to get professional, high quality footage all from your mobile phone. Whether it’s a scripted piece to camera or exciting cutaway footage, we’ve got great tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your phone camera.

1-2 hours, 1 Credit

How to Film a Video/Shootsta Kit Training (In-Person)

A hands-on session with your camera gear from pre-production, through the shoot itself, all the way to post-production. Let us introduce you to Shootsta’s infamous 7 steps to filming at any time, with anyone, using anything.

3-4 hours, from 2 Credits

How to Present to Camera (Virtual or In Person)

We get it - being in front of the camera can be intimidating! This session is designed to help you look and feel confident on camera and equip you with tools for holding the audience’s attention. 

1 hour +, 1 Credit

How to Direct Talent on Set (In Person)

Not sure how to get the best out of your talent or interviewee? Learn the basics of directing a video and let us help you to make them shine, and how to solve some common challenges on set. 

1 hour +, 1 Credit

Advanced Camera Skills (In Person)

You’ve mastered the basics, so what’s next? In this bespoke session, we’ll share some more advanced techniques that will take your video content to the next level.

1-3 hours, from 2 Credits

Crafting an Effective Interview (In Person)

In this advanced training, learn how to plan, shoot and brief impactful interviews from a subject matter expert. 

1-2 hours, 1 Credit

How to Speak Video (Virtual or In Person)

Let us equip you with the vocabulary and understanding of the production process to better convey your vision to industry professionals in a language that they understand.

1 hour, 1 Credit

Intro to Podcasting (Virtual or In Person)

1 hour, 1 Credit

Intro to Headshot Photography (In Person)

Learn the basics of photography to create consistent and professional looking headshots with any device. Compliment your video skills and ensure your colleagues look great in their Linkedin profile too!

1 hour +, 1 Credit

How to Plan an Elevate Template  (Virtual or In Person)

Learn best practices of planning as well as the intricacies of making Elevate templates so you can create your Elevates when you want.

1 hour, 1 Credit or Included in Onboarding

Sales Presenter Workshop - An introduction to Elevate (Virtual or In Person)

Want to make your Elevate videos stand out amongst the rest? Join us to learn some pro tips on lighting, sound, and composition before enhancing your presenter skills with his tips on how to look and sound like a pro in front of a camera using Elevate.

1-2 hours, 1 Credit


Content Strategy Assist

Not sure how to best utilise video in your Comms plan? Looking to get the most out of your Shootsta subscription?  In this session we’ll work to create strategies to improve your video content and Shootsta experience.

1-2 hours, from 2 Credits

Plan Assist 

Want to harness the power of video, but not sure where to start? Have a great idea, but not sure how to execute? A Plan Assist will take you step by step through the scripting process.

From 1 Credit

Shoot Assist 

We’ll work alongside your team to ensure that things run smoothly on your shoot day by Producing, Directing talent or helping you film with your own camera gear.  

If you don’t have your own camera but still want a Shoot Assist, you can combine this with a Videographer booking for the ultimate production crew set up!

From 2 Credits

Edit Assist

Every video edit requires someone to edit and someone to direct or provide feedback. Add us to a Pro project when you want to take advantage of an additional creative perspective. 

From 1 Credit



Want to talk to one of our Creative Advisors about your video project? Contact us via our Live Chat and we can help get a meeting organised between you and our Creative Team. We'd love to help!