This article will cover how to change your camera back to Shootsta's default settings.

Factory Reset

Menu > Suitcase icon > page 6 > Setting Reset > Initialise

Apply Shootsta Camera Settings

Now you have factory reset your camera, let's add Shootsta Camera Settings.

Set Date & Time for your region

Change File Format to MP4

Menu > Camera Icon > Page 2 File Format change to MP4

Select Monitor Only

Menu > Cog Wheel Icon > Page 4 FINDER/MONITOR change to Monitor

Set Custom Key Settings Part 1

Menu > Cog Wheel > Page 6 > Custom Settings page 1
Custom Button 3 > Focus Magnifier
Center Button > Audio Rec Level

Set Custom Key Settings Part 2

Menu > Cog Wheel > Page 6 > Custom Settings page 2
Left Button > Not Set
Right Button > Not Set
Down Button > Not Set
AEL Button > AEL Toggle
AF/MF Button > AF/MF Toggle
Focus Hold > Not Set

Adjust Power Save Start Tim

Menu > Suit Case Icon > Page 2 >
PWR Save Start Time > 30 minutes

Adjust Focus Square Size

Fn > Focus Area Icon Select Flexible Spot 'M' > Center Button

Adjust Creative Style

Fn > Std Icon
Select Neutral > Center Button

Your default camera mode should be 'Program Auto' - you can see this in the top left corner of the screen. You can change this via Fn> P in the bottom right corner.

Your settings are now complete!

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