How do I get different versions of my Shootsta Pro video created for different social channels? Social Iterations


Need a different aspect ratio because you are planning to post a version of your Shootsta Pro video to a different social platform? Is your main Shootsta Pro video too long to post on some channels? If you would like the same video in a different length, in a different aspect ratio, with different supers or with different shots for a specific platform, then a Social Iteration is what you're after. For instance, you may want a shorter cut of a video in 9:16 aspect ratio in order to post it as an Instagram Story.

Social iterations are also sometimes used to organise slightly different versions of one video within the one Shootsta Pro video project. For instance, you may have a master video output with English subtitles, with a Social Iteration output added to the project for a version with French subtitles.

Social Iterations are Video Add-ons.

Each social iteration can cost a credit or price amount per iteration depending on the terms of your contract with Shootsta.

Please note that social iterations:

  • Are applied to your final, approved edit version, and as such work will not begin on them until the master video has been approved.

  • Can take up to 48 hours to be returned.

  • Cannot be added after the initial project submission process, so if a Social Iteration is required only once a project is in the Editing or Review stages your Production Team Lead will need to be contacted in order to organise this.

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