If you don’t have the SD card reader for the iPad handy, there is an alternative way to get footage onto the iPad in the Shootsta Kit. In this article we will find out how to download the Sony PlayMemories app and wirelessly transfer footage from your camera to your iPad.

  1. If you are using a personal device, download the ‘Sony PlayMemories Mobile’. If you are using the iPad in your Shootsta Kit, go to the Self-Service App and tap the ‘Sony PlayMemories Mobile’ to install. The Self-Service App will prompt you to log in with an Apple ID. Please use your personal Apple ID to complete the download. The app is free and you are free to log out again once the download and installation is complete.

  2. Turn on your Sony A7ii camera and click the ‘Menu’ button. Navigate to the WiFi tab, select page 1, press “Send to Smartphone”, press “Select on Smartphone”. The camera will now generate its own WiFi Network (SSID Direct) and display the network name and password.

  3. Go to your iPad’s Settings, then click Wi-Fi. Select the matching SSID and enter the password shown on the camera to join that network.

  4. Once connected, exit Settings, return to the iPad’s home screen, and select the PlayMemories App.

  5. After a few moments, the iPad will display the contents of the camera’s SD card. Select the date and folders containing the footage you want to import to the iPad.

  6. Tick to select all the files you want to import. We recommend transferring a maximum of 10 files at a time, or less, if they are very long recordings/large files.

  7. Your files will now import. This can take a several minutes. Once copy is complete, they will appear in the default Photos app on your iPad. They’ll be arranged by original shoot date, so you might need to scroll up to find the files you need.

  8. The camera will remain on the “Send to Smartphone” screen that it started on. When you’re done transferring, select cancel by clicking the centre button on the camera.

  9. You can now upload files from the Photos Library to the Shootsta Hub using the Shootsta HUB Web App.

  10. Next time you use this function, you’ll still need to select the WiFi and follow the same steps, except for entering the WiFi password as the iPad will remember it.

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