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Why is my video project on hold?

Project On Hold

When the status of your project is set 'on hold', it means your editor needs to ask you something. The following could be some example scenarios:

  • your editor needs you to upload some missing footage or files

  • your editor would like to clarify an aspect of your brief

  • your editor is unsure about some change requests or comments

Shootsta will tell you when a project has been placed on hold with Project Status Filters and Notifications:

Your editor will reach out to you...

To let you know why the project is 'on hold'. They will reach out via phone or email via the contact details that you have on your profile, so we suggest keeping your profile details updated! Your editor usually contacts the Project Owner directly, so if you are collaborating, make sure you are set as 'Owner' in order to be the first point of contact.

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