Depending on your Shootsta subscription package we'll send you back your edited video in 24 or 48 hours. Here is where you can find your package turnaround time.

Each video project in editing displays how many 'Hours to go' before we send your edited video back to you. For example;

Not sure how to get here? Here is how you can track your video project.

When does the editing clock start?

Once you submit your video project, the editing clock will start counting down the hours. So the clock will either start on

  • 47 hours to go, for video projects with a 48 turnaround time.

  • 23 hours to go, for video projects with a 24 turnaround times and for all amendments regardless of your subscription turnaround time.

⚠️ The editing clock only displays hours, it won't displays the amount of minutes left. Need a more exact timeframe? Here is how you can find the expected time of completion. For example;

PS: Here are our office & operating hours!

When does the editing clock get amended?

The clock will be manually extended by our Editing Team if you have requested

The editing clock gets paused over the weekend

On the weekend our Editing Team enjoys their well-deserved time off. So, every Friday at 23:59 AEST time we pause the count down on the 'Hours to go' for 48 hours until Sunday 23:59 AEST time.

Can I speed up the clock?

You can request Rush Edits. Rush Edits are Video Add-ons or additional services you can ‘add on’ to your Shootsta Video.

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