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Engagement is when your audience interacts with your video content by liking, commenting and sharing your post.

To achieve maximum engagement, make sure to optimise your video post for maximum reach and know how to grab and keep attention with video too, as this will impact engagement. Now, how do you optimise your video for maximum engagement?

Be authentic 

Keep it simple and add personality. People want to connect with people. In other words, be genuine and real in how you deliver your video and your message. Show some personality, passion and creativity in your videos, it makes your video content stand out makes it feels more authentic and relaxed and people are more likely to watch the entire video and to engage.

Know your platform 

Are you posting your video on the correct platform? LinkedIn is all about connecting and engaging with other working professionals. Whereas, Facebook is about connecting and socialising with friends and family. You need to consider the type of content your audience will expect and want to see and then post it on the optimal social channel to get maximum engagement. Make sure to check out our article on When to post your video for maximum engagement too!

Include a call to action

Every video should have a call to action. You can read all about it in our article How to create an effective call to action article. To get maximum engagement focus your call to action on what is going to help you drive more engagement; like for example a call to share, to like, to follow, to stay tuned, to click a link and/or to comment on your video. If you ask your audience to comment, make sure you reply! Your audience are more likely to continue commenting if you engage with them there as well.

Subtitle, Subtitle, Subtitle 

Don’t leave your mobile viewers hanging. Make sure they can read what’s being said in your video as of the first second. Videos without subtitles hardly get any traction with mobile viewers as they the majority tends watch without sound. Here is how to request captions, subtitles and .SRT files.

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