How to read from an autocue or teleprompter
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Reading from an autocue or teleprompter is not a gift. It's a skill and you can do it too!

Know your script

Run through your script a few times to get yourself familiar with what you’re about to say. Don't hesitate to rewrite into your own words so you can sound as natural as possible.

You can add in some empty pace in the text if you'd like a pause before starting a new topic.

Make it conversational

Speak as if you’re having a conversation with a friend, rather than if you’re presenting to an audience. This will ensure that you come off more real and genuine.

Slow it down

Speak slowly and articulate what you are saying. Make sure you take a deep breath before you start, and remember you can always adjust the speed of the autocue, so your script will scroll at the perfect speed.

Big smile!

A normal smile just won’t cut it in front of the camera. Practice speaking with a smile on your face and remember to start and finish each take with a big smile.

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