Posting a video: what you’ll need
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So you have your video filmed, edited and ready to be posted. Great! Now what? Here are some things you want to consider when posting your video.

An attractive thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video provides information on the usefulness of your video: who the video is for and what it will be about. This allows your viewer to decide on whether they want to watch it. Read our article on how to create a good thumbnail for more info!

An intriguing title

Keep it to the point and try to use strong, vivid language. The best titles have:

  • Questions e.g. What's the best way to set up your CRM?”

  • Numbers e.g. “7 steps to setting up your CRM .”

  • Superlatives e.g. “The ultimate way to set up your CRM.”

Pro tip: make sure your title complements your thumbnail!


This is the written description of your video. It needs to spark interest in your video, and include a clear call to action. For more tips and tricks check out our article on how to write a good video description or post copy.


Having captions in your videos is all about enabling:

  • Hard of hearing viewers to enjoy your video too.

And that's all you need to post your video: an attractive thumbnail, an intriguing title, clear copy with a call to action, and captions! Still need help with sharing? Take a look at our guide to video sharing terminology!

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