How to pick a good video title
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Writing a title for your video can be quite challenging. What should you include? How much do you give away?

Here are 3 tips for choosing a good video title.

1. Ask a question

Questions are a great way of intriguing your audience and encouraging them to watch your video. A question makes your audience wonder “do I know this?” To get an answer, your audience needs to watch your video.

e.g. “Has the way we edit videos changed?”

2. Use odd numbers

If you plan on using numbers in your title, try to use a 3, 5 or 7. Remarkably, research has shown that odd numbers are more provocative than even numbers. Using numbers also makes the audience consider whether they know all of the steps, creating a need to click on your video to test their knowledge.

e.g. “3 tips on how to write a good video title!”

3. Keep it short and sweet

Don’t give too much away! Keep your title short, punchy and to the point. You want to spark your audience's interest and to make them want to watch your video. In addition to this, some platforms only allow short titles, so you are better off keeping your title short to ensure that the full title is displayed.

Your video title should also complement your video thumbnail! Learn more in our article on how to create a great thumbnail.

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