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How to optimise your video post for maximum reach
How to optimise your video post for maximum reach
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Getting maximum views on your video starts with making sure your video post gets maximum reach. So how do you optimise video?

Make it searchable

Enable your audience to PULL your content when searching the platform. Use SEO sensitive titles, video descriptions, video posts and popular hashtags. In other words, use relevant keywords that your audience are searching for.

SRT (SubRip Text) files and captions can also help your videos to rank more highly in the search results of platforms supporting the SRT upload feature. SRT files are separate to your video file and contain your subtitles with the exact time codes of when they need to appear on screen. They enable search engines to read the actual content of your video, rather than just scanning the video title, description and post.

A solid pull strategy is particularly vital for video content that people actively search for. Typically these are Help content videos such as tutorials and explainer videos.

Make it discoverable

Enable the platform and your audience to PUSH your content into people’s feeds. This strategy is based on what, when, where, and for whom you post. Here are our top PUSH tips:

  • Post videos with a clear title, an appealing post or description and thumbnail matching the topic.

  • Always post videos natively on the platform, and do so when your target audience is most active.

  • Don’t be afraid to have a clear call to action for people to comment and share with others!

The more reach, views, and engagement your video attracts, the more likely the platform is to push your content out to others with similar interests; it wants to engage and retain visitors on the platform for as long as possible.

A good push strategy makes all the difference for video content that people are interested in, even if they're not actively searching for it. Typically, these are content videos such as thought leadership videos, interviews, behind the scenes, etc.

Pull and Push for maximum impact

For maximum reach, always combine a PULL and PUSH strategy. A successful video is one that can reach your audience in both search results and platform feeds.

For maximum views, learn more about how to grab and keep attention with video.

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