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How to optimise your video for maximum engagement on LinkedIn
How to optimise your video for maximum engagement on LinkedIn
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Engagement is when your audience interacts with your video content by liking, commenting or sharing your post.

To achieve maximum engagement, make sure you optimise your video post for maximum reach, and that you know how to grab and keep attention with video too, as these will both impact engagement. So how do you optimise your LinkedIn video for maximum engagement?

Keep it business

LinkedIn is a social platform for working professionals and business owners where they can connect, interact and share experiences, knowledge, opinions and advice with others on business and work related topics. That’s the type of content they expect and want to see on LinkedIn.

Video content that resonates well with LinkedIn users is typically:

  • Thought leadership content

  • Business updates

  • SME interviews

  • Industry talks and presentations

  • Tips & tricks

  • Behind the scenes

  • Company culture

  • Recruitment videos.

Be authentic

People on LinkedIn want to connect with people, so be genuine in your message and your delivery.

  • Don’t over-engineer your video concept or message. You’ll run the risk of your audience not being able to relate.

  • Show some personality and creativity in your videos. It makes your video content stand out and makes it feels more authentic and relaxed.

  • Post under your own LinkedIn profile, rather than via a business profile. It’s more credible and again: people want to connect with people.

Caption it

Don’t leave your mobile viewers hanging. Make sure they can read what’s being said in your video from the very first second. Videos without subtitles have little traction with mobile viewers as the majority of them tend to watch without sound.


LinkedIn is a social platform, a two-way communication tool between you (or your brand) and your audience. Stimulate engagement at the end of your video with a clear call to action to interact. Ask your viewers to answer a question, or to give their opinion on a statement in the comment section. Make sure to keep the conversation going by replying to questions and comments made by your audience. The more interaction that happens, the better your video will perform in reach, views and average view duration.

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