Do I need a talent waiver form? | Shootsta

A talent waiver form, or image release form, is a binding legal document which allows a third party to use the appearance and voice of an individual in video. If any of your talent can be recognised in your video, then you ned to have a talent waiver form for each person.

Talent Waiver Form Template

It is best practice to obtain written approval to film your talent before filming. That way, you can make sure that you're on the same page as your talent before you invest your time and energy in filming them.

Filming employees / colleagues
Permission to film at work is often detailed in employee contracts or other workplace policies. Check in with your HR and/or your legal departments before filming.

Filming in a public place
In busy public places, it can be difficult to have every passer-by sign an image release form. The rule of thumb is: if the person in your video could be recognised, or if they are featured speaking, then you need them to sign a form. For those who just happen to walk in the background, you do not need their approval. If you film in public, however, you will likely need to get a film permit.

Filming an event
If your organisation is running an event that you plan to film, it’s best practice to get all attendants’ permission to be filmed as they sign up to the event. Then you will know for sure whom you can film.


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