What does my editor need to know?

Briefing a podcast for editing in The Shootsta HUB is a 3 step process:

  • Step 1. Upload your audio and/or video files
  • Step 2. Selecting elements or stock (if required)
  • Step 3. Brief your editor

In this article we'll guide you on what to include in the 'Brief Notes' box as part of 'Step 3. Brief your editor.

For a guide on how to complete 'Step 1. Upload clips', 'Step 2. Selecting elements or stock' and other features in 'Step 3. Brief your editor.' check out our How to create and submit a Podcast Project in the HUB article.

What to include in the 'Brief Notes'

The ‘Brief Notes’ box is where you provide your editor with essential information about your project. The more information we have then the easier it is for us to nail your podcast or vodcast project first time round! For example;

👋🏼 Hi Shootsta Editor!

This podcast is an interview with our CEO (20 minutes max) talking about his career. The podcast is designed for staff and will be posted on our intranet. This podcast needs to be fun, professional and on-brand. Here is what we had in mind for the style and vibe of the podcast:

I have renamed and ordered all the files for you to make it easier. We've also uploaded our Episode Plan and some blooper files - feel free to add them in at the end if you think they could be fun!

Keen to see the result! Let me know if you would have any questions.

Thank you!

Your biggest fan. 💌

Additionally, you can upload your 'Episode Plan' in 'Step 1. Upload Clips.'

⚠️If you have filled out a Plan before the recording, make sure to update and adjust the plan where necessary by for example including the corresponding file names.

Shootsta's Planning Template

Some questions that might help

  • Why are you creating this podcast and who is it for?
  • Where will this podcast be delivered? Will it go on your website, social channels, or your internal intranet?
  • What is the maximal total length this podcast can run for?
  • Do you have a Plan or script you can share?
  • Any particular branding, stingers or sound effects you'd like us to use?
  • What feeling/mood do you want to create? Every podcast carries a mood to pass onto the audience. This can be reflected in music, cutting and sound effects.
  • Do you have any podcast style and vibe suggestions?
  • Do you have any music style suggestions? At Shootsta we can select any track from to the Epidemic Sound copyright free music library for your podcast.

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