How to focus the a7iii camera

Find out how to use autofocus and manual focus on the Sony a7iii to ensure your subject is sharp and in focus.

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Having your subject in focus is one of the most important steps when filming a video. This is because if your subject is blurry, we can’t fix it in editing, and so your audience won’t know where to look.

There are two different focusing modes inside the camera: auto-focus and manual focus.

How to use autofocus

  • To start focusing, simply point the camera at your subject. Very similarly to your phone, your camera will focus on whatever you point it at. Usually this is your subject.

  • A white box should appear around your subject’s face, indicating face tracking is on and that they are in focus.

  • Once your camera has auto-focused, it’s still important to double check; your camera is good, but it’s not always perfect.To check focus, press the c3 button. An orange square will appear on screen. Move this box over your subjects face by pushing the D pad up, down, left and right.

  • When it is over your subject's face, press c3 again to zoom in. Whilst zoomed in, check to see if your subject is sharp and in focus.

  • If they are, press c3 again to zoom back out and you’re ready to move on.
    If you notice your subject is blurry, then time to move onto your second method of focusing, manual focus.

How to use manual focus

  • Your second option is to use the manual focus mode and gain full control of your focus. Press the AF/MF button to toggle between autofocus and manual focus.

  • You can see which mode you are in on the right hand side of the screen. AF is autofocus and MF is manual focus.

  • Now, instead of relying on the camera to focus for you, you can turn the small ring on your camera’s lens to focus.

  • Just like when you use autofocus, use the C3 button to zoom in and double check you are in focus.

  • And that is how you focus the camera from the Shootsta Kit. Either use autofocus, or it’s not perfect when you check it, use the focus lock or the manual focus mode instead.

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