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Everything You Need to Know about Creating a Shootsta Pro Video Project
Everything You Need to Know about Creating a Shootsta Pro Video Project
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From the Shootsta Homepage, you can access recent Videos you are creating, check out new features, the latest news, and tour our services and apps. It's a great launchpad to get things done!

Pro Videos and Projects:

Pro is the services arm of Shootsta. You can create video content and have it professionally edited with Pro. Brief, upload, collaborate, share, approve and have your videos edited in Pro!

First Let's go through everything you need to know about Video Project Creation and Submission to Editing.

  • You will need to Create and Name your Pro Project

  • Because you have created the project, you are automatically set as the Project Owner, however, that ownership can be delegated. You may also wish to Collaborate on of your Video Project with colleagues, or even make your video Private and not searchable.

  • If you need someone else to upload assets into your project, or if someone else has filmed your clips, use the Team Uploader to grant access for someone else to upload assets into your project.

  • Once you have completed your brief, you can add services or outputs to your video project with Add-Ons. When you have confirmed your Add-Ons, your project will be submitted for Editing.

  • There are many types of add-ons you can include, such as:

  • Once you click 'Approve', your video project status will be transferred to the Complete status. If you require Captions, they will be applied after you 'Approve for Captioning'. If you requested any Social Iterations, those will only be commenced once the Master Output is approved.

  • If you change your mind, and still want more changes applied to your Video, simply reopen and resubmit your change requests

Have any questions? Contact Us or message us via Live Chat. We'd love to help!

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