Video Projects:

First Let's go through everything you need to know about Video Project Creation and Submission to Editing:

How to Create and Submit a Project in Shootsta

The Next step to Creating a Project is Briefing and communicating your plan. (Use this in addition to commenting on and ordering your assets)

Briefing in Shootsta

Next you need to upload assets into the project:

Uploading Assets into a Project

While your Assets are uploading in the background, it is really important to order your assets and comment importance on each asset:

Ordering Assets


You may also wish to collaborate or hand over ownership of your Video Project:

How to Collaborate

You may also want the opposite, to make your video private to work on it without anyone else in your organisation can access:

Make a Video Private

Because you have created the project, you are automatically set as the project owner, however, that ownership can be delegated:

Who is the Project Owner

Once you have completed your brief, you have the option to Add-On additonal services or outputs to your video Project with Add-Ons:
What are Add-Ons

There are many types of Add-Ons you can include, such as:

Long Form Edits

Social Iterations

Rush Edits

Extra Footage

Captions and Subtitles

Green Screen/ Chroma Key

Additional Amendments

And Add-Ons are priced based on where you are located:

Add-Ons Australia

Add-Ons Asia

Add-Ons USA

Add-Ons UK

Once you have confirmed your Add-Ons, your project will be submitted for Editing:

Add-Ons Confirmation and Submitting for Editing

It is now important to manage and track your Video Project's progress:

You will be notified by email and in-app notifications

How the editing clock works

When to expect the video back

What is a video hold?

When your editor returns a version of the video back to you, you will be notified and your feedback will be requested:

How to Review an Edit

If you wish to make changes, you can comment your requests and also note why you are requesting changes:

How to Request Changes

Once you Approve your Video Project, your video project status will be transferred to the Complete status. At this point, you have multiple options for sharing:

Sharing your Video

* Duplicating Projects can be a huge time saver. You can essentially use other projects as templates for future projects:

Duplicate your Projects


Feeling stuck for ideas? Not to worry, peruse the Inspirations Library for ideas (you have one for your organisation and you can also access Shootsta's)


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