If you have been recently migrated to the new Shootsta Hub:

1) Verify: First thing you need to do is verify your account. To verify, you need to log in to Shootsta the same way you always do with the same link and same password.

2) Redirect: You will be redirected to the new Shootsta Hub and be asked to verify your same username (the email address we have on file) and same password once more. *

3) New Shootsta Hub Workspace/ Bookmark: The new Shootsta Hub page, to which you are redirected, is your organisation's unique Shootsta Hub workspace. It is formatted as (organisationname.app.shootsta.com). If you use bookmarks, I would definitely recommend bookmarking your new Shootsta Hub workspace! You no longer need to use the link to the previous Shootsta Hub.

*Side Note: If your Migration is still in progress, you will not be able to log in until completion. Not to worry, the migration happens really quickly. If you do try to log in during migration, you will see this message:

And that's it! Logging in is the first step towards creating amazing content!

Have any questions? No worries! Contact Support

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